Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hospital Ward in Gdańsk-Oliwa

The former tuberculosis ward at Children's Hospital in Gdańsk - Oliwa is one of the most interesting abandoned spots in this region. In this 18th century mansion house, during the World War II, there was located a school for girls, and after the war, it functioned as a hostel for nurses, sanitarium and finally a hospital ward. This particular ward was closed in 2008, however the surrounding buildings still belong to the existing Children's Hospital. Inside the house there are still numerous remains such as beds, kitchen equipment etc... The place looks equally splendid from the outside, with the oval front yard, decorated with children's "art".

Kitchen in the basement.

The writing on the door says "You will never get out of here" ("już stąd nie wyjdziecie" in Polish).


Joyful pieces of children's art.

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