Thursday, 24 April 2014

Kriegsmarine Fuel Base in Gdynia

This object is considered to be (or rather used to be) an absolute must-see for urban explorers in a Tricity area.  No wonder, the impression after first contact with this place is overwhelming. The colossal territory hidden in woods in Gdynia - Obłuże consists of a historic Nazi- German fuel base, along with neighbouring postwar military base (also desolate), and some other contemporary industrial buildings. The most impressive part of the site are of course the remnants of fuel base, used by Nazi-German Kriegsmarine (Navy) during the World War II, including huge tanks for fuel oil, an engine room, and several bunkers.

The spot is not the easiest one, but is definitely one of the most thrilling and exciting. Beneath the base, there is a huge system of underground tunnels, most of them flooded and thus inaccessible without any equipment. The way into the engine room leads through one of the tunnels- completely dark and creepy as hell. There is obviously  another way to the engine room, down the stairs straight from the forest- piece of cake, but what's the fun in that? ;)

The sad part about this place is that, as far as I know, it no longer exists (at least not in the shape described above and showed on the pictures). It has long been a wrack, and the activity of scrap scavengers only advanced it's decay- one of the tanks collapsed about one year ago. Currently, the demolition of the fuel base is in progress, so another residential area could spread on this territory. It's somehow depressing, that the object, having endured the World War II, now has to succumb an unstoppable urbanization :(

Some buildings from modern military base.

A giant fuel tank from the outside...

...and from the inside

An engine room from the outside (yep, the easy way in is indeed easy ;) )

A collapsed tank

 The tunnel, leading to the engine room. The quality of picture is sort of crappy, but the place was REALLY dark, no light whatsoever, except a teeny tiny torch and a flashlight from my camera. Inexpressible feeling, when you wander through the tunnel, turn around and see nothing but full darkness behind you....

A small room between the tunnels, apparently turned into a place for satanic worship 

An engine room

A military base gatehouse

A view from behind the fence

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