Saturday, 3 May 2014

Camping in Borowo

Borowo is a small Kashubian village located at the lake Sitno, near the town Kartuzy in Pomerania. Despite the lovely environment, the camping has been closed for a years. There's one funny, yet quite creepy story related to this place. Some tourist reported to the local media about a dreadful discovery on the abandoned camping. The woman claimed she'd encountered some sort of satanic worship shrine or even a murder scene- one of the buildings was said to be all covered with blood and lots of strange symbols on the walls. There's been a serious investigation with the police involved, but after all it turned out to be neither a cult, a violent crime, nor an extremely terrifying case of vandalism. There was just a set for some underground slasher movie, and apparently the filmmakers 'forgot' to clean the place up. Not as frightening as it initially appeared to be, this affair still gives the spot certain thrilling uniqueness.


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