Sunday, 15 March 2015

The Crown Theatre (aka Crown Bingo) in Eccles

The Crown building, located in Eccles (Greater Manchester) was raised in 1898 and opened the following year as the Lyceum Theatre. In 1907 it has been renamed (due to ownership change) to The Crown Theatre, in 1932 has been transformed into a cinema, finally became a bingo in 1963 and remained in this form until it's shutdown sometime around 2000. Partial demolition of the building started shortly after, but for some reason has never been completed and future fate of the construction seems to be unknown at this point.

Exploration of this site has been one of those entirely spontaneous and impulsive, and certainly requires a prompt return. The quality of pictures is even less magnificent than usual, as taken with not-so-cutting edge mobile phone, but it's still better than nothing- even hasty and unplanned urbex cannot go totally unfruitful, can it? :)


  1. I had no idea this was still standing, excellent find

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