Sunday, 27 March 2016

Iranian Embassy in Bowdon (Altrincham, Greater Manchester)

This site is a sad example of how once extraordinary urbex spot can turn into complete ruin with barely anything to see any longer. Having seen several photo reports done by other fellow urbexers, (showing a building that hardly looked derelict), I decided to visit this place myself. What I saw, was a wreck damaged by fire and long lasting neglect.

According to the sources I found, the building was raised sometime around 1900, and has been used as the Iranian Embassy since early 1980's for the next about 20 years. There is no information about the future fate of the building, so it probably will continue falling into decay.

The building looks much more interesting from the outside- inside there is virtually nothing left, no artifacts left whatsoever or anything that would verify what this place was used for originally. Ground floor was whole just bricks from collapsed roof, and mud- possibly after effects of some recent attempt to stop the blaze- the building has been a target of numerous arson attacks. I didn't get to see what upstairs look like- the condition of wooden stairs was absolutely tragic, so decided not to take the risk, at least not this time. Surprisingly, no trace of any inhabitants, no garbage left, which is unusual for places that kind- apparently this particular one is truly and totally abandoned.

Despite there's been not much really to see, the site is still quite interesting to visit, and certainly worth an effort, but rather just as a challenge and a thrill, than real exploration. The garden surrounding the Embassy makes this place look slightly more appealing, as it remains in quite neat condition, at least for a place like that, and the blooming daffodils got to brighten up a little this pitiful image of despair and degradation.

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