Friday, 9 May 2014

Castle in Łapalice

In small, modest Kashubian village Łapalice (located near the town Kartuzy, Pomerania) there is one of the most bizzare architectonic creations in the whole Poland. There is a huge castle, but unlike one could suppose, it's not genuine medieval fortress but a quite modern construction, besides it's still unfinished.

The Łapalice Castle is an artistic vision a local sculptor and manufacturer of antique stylized furniture. The artist decided to build an enormous, over-decorated (and also quite tawdry, honestly speaking) and intimidating looking structure, so he could run his art gallery there. The construction began in early 1980s', but after ten years had to be interrupted due to some legal confusion, and has never been restarted. Luckily, due to usual mess in Polish offices, the decision about the castle demolition has never been established, and nobody seems to care about this place anymore.

The spot is beautifully located in the forest, easy to access, so it's popular direction for weekend excursions, even for families with kids.

The gatehouse from the inside of the castle premises

A baptismal font

A swimming pool

A chapel

A garden view, from one of the castle "chambers"

A small pond belonging to the property

A chapel again, from the outside...

...and from the inside

Note the wooden ceiling, there was supposed to be wooden decor inside the entire building

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