Friday, 28 March 2014

Let me introduce you... Morgane

My name is Marta, but my usual online alias is Morgane. Ever since I can remember, I've had a strong interest in various relics from the past. This tendency in some twisted way reflected in my passion for abandoned places.

What I love the most about urban exploration is the adrenaline rush. The slight sensation of anxiety mixed with curiosity and excitement, with every eerie sound I hear and every bizarre artifact I find on the site- all those combined give tremendous thrills, but also unique delight. The beauty of those places is not only in the mysterious atmosphere but most of all, in the silence and tranquility- perfect circumstances for imagination to be active. Nothing compares to this feeling.

Please, bear in mind that I am no photographer (and I neither aspire nor pretend to be an artist), hence fairly poor quality of some pictures. All I am trying to do here, is to keep some forgotten places alive, even when they are long gone, and to share their charm.

I come from Poland, therefore majority of entries (so far) is going to present abandoned sites located in this country, mostly from Gdańsk and Pomerania region. However currently I live in the United Kingdom (Greater Manchester), and I just cannot wait to discover and explore lots of new derelict and forsaken spots.
So please.... stay tuned! :)

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